LaCie Hard Drives

Our campaign for LaCie began with the simple insight that people store their entire lives on their computers - photos, documents, music, etc. The executions portray the indestructible nature of the LaCie hard drive, emphasizing that one can trust that their “life” will be safely stored.

Outdoor Installations
An outdoor installation built from LaCie hard drives is positioned in crowded, heavily trafficked areas where people literally walk or drive over the product.  The LaCie remains unscathed by the circumstances, demonstrating its strength and durability, and ultimately, that LaCie can be trusted in nearly any situation.

Microsite: Digital to Physical Game
The LaCie Batting Cages game is a digital-to-physical interactive website. LaCie hard drives are hurled from a pitching machine. Using the spacebar, players are encouraged to digitally smash the product with the bat, showcasing the indestructibility of the LaCie hard drive. The goal is to hit the product, not strike out, and share scores via social media.